Poveda Textil is committed to defending the preservation of our environment, and takes big steps towards its goal. Today, the company’s products are already certified as GOTS (organic), GRS and OCS (recycled), carry the VEGAN seal by INESCOP. The Ministry of Ecologic Transition has also certified its reduced carbon footprint. A major fact to take into account is that the recycling process uses no water – Water 0 – so without a doubt, the contribution made by Poveda Textile to circular economy in the footwear sector is definitely positive.

Recycled polyester through Seaqual
Seaqual collects plastic waste from the oceans, PET bottles, industrial waste, and even old clothes. The recycling process involves the molecules of fibres so there is no difference between virgin and recycled polyester. The performance, durability and advantages, including resistance and functional versatility of recycled polyester are the same as with traditional polyester, but the impact on our environment is greatly reduced. No oil is extracted, so the impact on our environment affecting world climate represents 75% less CO2 emissions when compared to the production of virgin polyester.

Global Recycling Standards offer verified support in terms of recycled content in fibres. The track-and-trace system used to certify products guarantees products made from recycled polyester are officially managed and controlled.

About 60 to 70% of the company’s sales are for recycled products
Recycled products are in high demand of late, as consumers’ awareness increases. Poveda Textil’s commitment is traced by means of a polyester module in the annual survey used as reference for preferred fibres and materials by Textile Exchange.

A committed comp any using organic fibres such as cotton
Organic cotton is grown responsibly, using materials and methods with reduced impact on our environment and involving no pesticides, insecticides or herbicides. For those toxins are harmful to all: people working in agriculture, wild ecosystems, and consumers.

When compared to conventional cotton, organic cotton has many advantages: it eliminates the use of genetically modified seeds, y preserves and uses rainwater much more efficiently, it uses soil balance, natural pest control such as other plants and insects.

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