Tarrago Brands, a leader in leather and footwear care products, has recently opened a new factory in Manresa (Barcelona). With more than 6,000 sq. mt., the new facilities represent investments exceeding 4 million Euros, and house the factory, the logistics warehouse, and offices of this company boasting more than 80 years of history.

Tarrago Brands’ new facilities mean the company’s operational capacity has expanded to meet the growing needs and demand levels in its sector. Production, logistics, and offices are staffed by excellent professionals.

The full production process developing products by this brand is based on advanced technology and complies with strict requirements like CE quality standards, in addition to ISO 9001 quality certification.

This major investment also results in improved energy consumption efficiency, while logistics are also optimized for better customer service. Today, products by Tarrago Brands are marketed in more than 80 countries around the world.

New image and new products

Coinciding with the opening of new facilities, Tarrago Brands has renovated its corporate image and that of product ranges. The goal is to contribute a modern, elegant touch to its products to support the brand’s presence at footwear stores. This renovated image goes hand in hand with improved quality for all products, resulting from expertise and research work, also to make it difficult for competitors to copy product images as this used to be usual among some of them.

Tarrago offers five product ranges to meet every need in markets: Original Therapies, the more traditional and classic, for care of footwear and clothing items; Sneakers Care, the fullest and most modern line for cleaning, protecting, caring and customizing urban-style sneakers, clothes and accessories; Outdoor Care, for outdoor clothes and footwear; Healthcare Solutions, the line launched during the pandemic, for personal and family health care; and Professional Solutions, addressing professionals and industrial clients.

In order to continue to adapt to market requirements and needs, this year Tarrago Brands plans to empower its range of products for sneakers care. Sneakers Care seeks to lead markets for formulae and formats promoting sustainability, and connecting with urban, young consumers. Also, the company’s international presence will expand, as new markets are opened.

“Tarrago Brands continues to invest in the growth strategy we have been working on over the past few years, enabling us to meet our clients’ requirements and needs, while reaching new international markets. With our new facilities and ongoing R+D+I efforts, we continue to develop new formulae, and creating innovative products that help us advance along the line of growth in major markets”, said Sergio Barangé, CEO, Tarrago Brands.

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