Sóviras is a Portuguese company specializing in the manufacture of heel welts and covers for footwear. Founded in 2002, it resulted from its creators’ idea of offering differentiated, innovative products based on what was already produced traditionally. So it soon became very well known in both national and international markets. Since 2019, it is the first company in its sector with ISO 9001 Quality Certificates and today, even during the pandemic, it has 32 employees, with 2 executive director partners.

Catarina Portela is the head of the Financial Department of Sóviras, and she explains more about the company’s products and their features.

“We are mainly focused on manufacturing heel welts and covers. We use various and diverse materials, like recycled leather, leather, leatherlite, Toflex, EVA, micro TR/PVC/TPU and cork, among others.  Sóviras’ goal is client satisfaction at all times. So all materials available in the marketplace, for making heel welts and covers, are studied by our R+D department, for later use. Our hi-tech machinery is also a guarantee of high quality and variety, because of our advanced production capacity, which is added to our speedy delivery terms. All of this defines our company”.

What is the Sóviras client profile?

“Ever since our early beginnings we have sought to walk along with our very best clients, and we build alliances that help us better understand their needs. This is also a concept we apply to our suppliers, so all of our materials are of superior quality, transformed by us into high-range heel welts and covers. Our clients are companies that know they can rely on Sóviras for every challenge, as our company’s know-how will always guarantee the most suitable solutions. IN general, our clients are demanding and well positioned in national and international markets, and they work with major labels in the footwear sector”.

There are values like Fashion and Trends. What is their role in your products?

“Of course, our R+D area works throughout the year to bring advanced solutions, following market trends. With time, we have added accessory elements to our products, so our offering is extensive, with variety that also enables clients to customize products with tacks, brooches, metal chains or even ornamental seams (our machine has 100 different stitch options), among others. To us, esthetics mean so much because it enables us to create bold, differentiated products, to follow or set trends”.

What is the position and value of this company in terms of environment, sustainability, R+D…?

“We have been working on this for a number of years. Today, we are undergoing the process of our Environmental Certificate, expected to end successfully very soon. We care for our environment and sustainability, and our clients share our concerns, so our R+D area has already created collections of heel welts and covers with recycled materials. In addition, in 2019 we presented the first biodegradable welt. We seek to reduce our eco footprint as much as possible, and as an example, we can mention our investment in solar energy. Also, our commitment is reflected in our R+D+I area, working to find new processes to reuse our waste to manufacture new products, fostering circular economy”. 

What role does exportation play in Sóviras?

“Exportation has been somewhat affected by the pandemic, but we continue to explore this area and expect to grow exportation volumes over the next 5 years. I want to point out that as most of our clients are exporting companies, most of our products are also indirectly exported”.

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