The company located in Alicante is a specialist and referent in its sector, and specifically in glitter. It has taken a major step ahead with the addition of recycled glitter to its portfolio, meaning this firm is a world pioneer in this new product segment.

“We have been working on this for these past months. Our goal was to be able to develop recycled materials that could be processed to become glitter”,they tell us at ASC.

This means that the material used for this innovative product is recycled plastic from bottles and other drink containers. The ecologic vocation of this firm is definitely confirmed for all recycled material does not come from urban containers but rather from rivers in America, in several areas of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Of course, all plastic is cleaned and sanitized. So we can well say the new product line by ASC is “twice as sustainable”.

In spite of the specific purposes of this material, it will be affordable for all clients as it is easy to work with and the company has decided it will not demand any minimum volumes for orders. It is also important to know that the product will always be available and in stock. In the beginning, there will be 5 or 6 classic colours but it is possible to develop other shades, meeting the needs of clients. Though the raw material is recycled, both the product and the functionality are just the same as classic glitter.

“Glitter is our DNA and that is why we have worked so hard to develop this product range from recycled plastic. There is nothing like this in our sector. And we will also be launching biodegradable glitter. These products will be expanding our Ecoline collection, already presented in the recent past, and made from either recycled fibres or Vegan materials”,our interviews at ASC explain.

The new recycled glitter will be presented to the world during the coming edition of Lineapelle Milan.

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