Poveda Textil, the company located in Alicante, manufactures sustainable fabrics for the footwear and fashion sectors. Over the past few years, it has positioned itself as the first climate neutral company in its business area. The idea of creating eco fabrics manufactured in a more sustainable way came to its CEO, Gabriel Poveda, arising from concern over climate change, and the impact of industrial activity on our environment.

Did you know that CO2 emissions are generated when manufacturing a pair of shoes and their components? A study conducted by Inescop, the Footwear Technologies Center in relation to the LIFE CO2Shoe European innovation project shows that manufacturing a pair of shoes may generate 6.145 kg. of CO2e greenhouse gas emissions. This is known as the carbon footprint, and represents the total volume of greenhouse gas emissions caused by economic activities.

Of these emissions caused by making one pair of shoes, around 59% correspond to the manufacture of footwear materials and components. This is why Poveda Textil has always sought to reduce its carbon footprint and make up for it by promoting sustainable fashion.

Reduce and Make Up seal granted by the Ministry

It is possible to reduce the carbon footprint by choosing sustainable development models and tracking carbon volumes during 4 years, to find out how the company has reduced emissions. Companies can also make up for their footprint. Poveda Textil has been granted the Reduce and Make Up seal, certified by the Ministry of Ecologic Transition and Demographic Challenge, since 2017.

This year, the company has been able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 37.40% per every metre of fabric they produce. Over the past few years, it has made many internal changes, seeking to position itself as the first climate neutral company in its sector. It also changed its fleet, choosing energy-efficient or less contaminating vehicles, to further reduce emissions and optimize resources towards attaining sustainable development.

Reforestation is a commitment

Poveda Textil contributes to the Refo-RestaCO2 corporate sustainability project, to help fight against climate change. By collaborating in this initiative, the company makes up for its carbon footprint through the reforestation of affected or pinpointed areas in Burgos.

With this reforestation campaign Poveda Textil is also contributing to the creation of local jobs as trees are planted and maintained. In addition, local businesses, nurseries, equipment rental services, etc. are also favored; and the local community enjoys new trails and leisure spaces, also attracting potential tourists. Local agriculture is also benefited.

These various actions include the latest: the company is tracing its water footprint, by measuring the consumption and pollution of water courses, affected by industrial activity.

Climate change is one of humankind’s greatest challenges these years. Poveda Textil is well aware of the responsibility fashion and footwear companies have regarding their management of natural resources, and their social responsibility to make this planet better.


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