Great achievements and novelties this year

Poveda Textil is a company with clear values and goals. Among these is the development of quality sustainable textile production worldwide, and the firm works on this every day. In addition, it pioneers in creating leading fabrics that comply with the organization’s standards and requirements.

For Poveda Textil, the first half of this year has been marked by an achievement few national companies can boast of: it became the first climatologically neutral textile company with sub-zero emissions, certified by the Ministry of Ecologic Transition and Demographic Challenge.

It took 4 long years of hard work, and the goal involved a year-by-year estimation of their carbon print, along with the corresponding measures and actions seeking to reduce it. The 2020 balance showed emissions were reduced and made up for, so that the pioneering company can now be certify as carbon neutral.

These measures were possible thanks to the participation in the Refo-Resta Co2 project, seeking reforestation in the forests of Burgos (Spain), and cooperating in a 100% national project reforesting more than 470,000 sq. mt., leading national rates in CO2 absorption projects. Making up for the carbon print by means of emissions resulting from forests contributes to reforestation, an essential factor to help preserve this natural CO2 absorption source.

Launched recently

All of this clearly shows Poveda Textil’s commitment to the preservation of our environment and its work towards sustainability. However, the company works to go beyond this. During this time it has also launched a pioneering collection, Natural Dye Colors, the fabrics by Poveda Textil, made from all-natural components. Following a long period of research and tests, the company designed a catalogue including more than 15 shades, which may be mixed to multiply possibilities. 100% organic cotton fabrics, highly resistant to traction and wear, truly innovating and with unique properties.

Another successful new product launched by Poveda Textil: bamboo fabric, 70% bamboo fibres and 30% polylobed polyester. As polyester fibres are intertwined in a special way, the product is highly resistant against abrasion and the evaporation surface is larger, while also being more absorbent. The catalogue comprises more than 30 colours, though the technology used to develop this special lining fabric makes it possible for clients to request any colour.

Poveda Textil is a GOTS and GRS-certified company, which guarantees sustainable management through the use or organic and recycled fabrics. The recently obtained BCI seal is by the global initiative promoting better cotton growing standards and practices. There are more and more textile companies choosing sustainable production, and Poveda Textil has been doing it year after year, participating in these initiatives and certifying the company’s environmental commitment while conveying its vision to all of their clients, with  high-quality products.


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