Since 1994, Intarex has been oriented towards offering IT solutions to businesses in the fashion sector. Intarex represents the integration of SAP Business One- Hana (ERP designed for small and medium-sized enterprises) and Fmoda (a leading solution for the world of fashion). Fmoda has helped dozens of companies grow, as it comprises the value chain as a whole: design, production, distribution, retail, e-commerce. Thanks to the PLM (Product life Cycle Management) of the IT apps suite for the footwear sector – Fmoda.One – the whole product cycle can be managed.

PLM operates in coordination with the other tools that enables management from the very first file of the product, with its code and sketch, including the development and models, technical facts, and in coordination with the various suppliers – of raw materials or third-party manufacturers – right to the logistics that will distribute products to the point of sale.

The information sequence generated offers a view of the whole process, which can be managed. This optimization is possible because all actors involved in this process are easily and efficiently informing and getting information from a common data bank they access on line. Information will allow for the projection of the production process in accordance to the capabilities and possibilities of each one of those involved. This data bank also allows everyone to work on ongoing improvements made to the product, to manage its life cycle and taking advantage of all instances along the process.

PLM – Fmoda.One is integrated with CAD apps like Adobe Illustrator, Corel, etc., so that once the designer creates a model, the life cycle of a product begins and is recorded, including production of prototypes, samples, approval, purchase or production orders, etc. All stages in the life cycle of the product are managed by PLM.

Suppliers or third-party contractors can access the system through the web by using options: PDM (Product Data Management) and SCM (Supply Chain Management) though access is restricted to their models and documentation so they can download the technical files of the product, updates, specific instructions, orders, invoices, etc. They can follow the production process and shipping information.

In a changing environment, and as Intarex has its own development team, the evolution of Fmoda goes on, adapting to new needs in the sector. This means the suite is always growing and being updated, as with the latest addition of Inshop, an app that can be downloaded to any mobile device from Google Play Store and App Store. The InShop menu offers the following functions: Stock, Transfers, Catalog, Shops, and Clients.

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