Pfaff does not stop presenting news

The German firm presents its Pfaff 591/1591 machine with rubber coated feed Wheel: Usual shoe post-bed machines, equipped with standard feed wheel and roller presser, can cause unwanted marks when processing fine leather materials (e.g. classic ladies shoes). To counteract this effect, the Pfaff shoe specialists recommend the use of a rubber coated roller presser in conjunction with the new rubber coated feed wheel. This „combi“ prevents marks and increases the value of the shoe. The roller pressers are available with diameters of 25, 30 and 35 mm. The rubber coated roller presser and feed wheel is available for the Pfaff 591 (mechanical version, right post) und the Pfaff 1591 (electronical version, right post).

Likewise, it also highlights the 3587 with automatic template changer system: the Pfaff 3587 guarantees extreme seam accuracy with very high sewing efficiency within a sewing area 500 x 300 mm. Service and maintenance intervals are reduced to a minimum. Due to the intermittent feed (feed stop when needle enters material), shifting of the material in the work clamp is avoided and wear on the hook is reduced. With a maximum speed of 3,200 s.p.m., the Pfaff 3587 is the fastest CNC sewing unit with intermittent feed on market. Compared with other large-area sewing units, the Pfaff 3587 has an automatic template changer system mechanism for a fully-overlapped working method. Main areas of application are: Shoes, accessories for the automotive industry, interior, belts, upholstery and linings, seat plates, belts, document envelopes, bags, protective clothing, visors, awnings and filters.

For more than 150 years, Pfaff has developed premium-quality sewing machines characterized by sophisticated looks, superior performance and the maximum possible design freedom. Being attentive to the needs and trends of the industry has been an increasingly important task as sewing has gone from being a necessity to becoming a form of creative expression. And this evolution is something they take very seriously. It has made the development of their products motivated by their knowledge of the market, and not just by demand. As a result, their products include the innovative technology and best-in-class manufacturing demanded by today’s most passionate creators – those who want to stand out from the crowd. For all this, the firm says that: “At Pfaff we believe that the search for individuality will always be in fashion. Perfection starts here”.


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