The current generation of Pfaff shoe post-bed machines, that is viewed in the industry as the mother of all shoe machines, is the most frequently copied industrial shoe post-bed machine.

The new “Programmable thread tension” is the latest feature of the electronic shoe post-bed series Pfaff 1571/1574/1591.

The key Benefit of “programmable thread tension” is that suitable thread tensions can be applied for different material thicknesses and/or for different seam sequences (as these can be programmed on electronic machines). The tensions can be accessed and/or set via a knee switch or stitch counting. Manual setting of the thread tension, as is common with current shoe machines, is no longer necessary with the programmed thread tension. This increases the quality and significantly improves the process reliability. “Programmable thread tension” is initially available as an option on the electronic machines 1571/1591.

Further advantages of the Pfaff electronical series compared to mechanical shoe machines:

-Step motor drive -no tolerance of the stitch lengths at different speeds

-Needle feed in addition to wheel feed and roller presser (completely step motor driven)

-Stitch length of roller presser and wheel feed can be adjusted separately in the operating panel

-Max. stitch length of roller presser and wheel feed can be adjusted up to 7mm

-Programmable fullness of roller presser or wheel feed up to 7mm

-½ stitch length for corner stitch or programmable stitch length

-Target stitch

-Programme creation of decorative seams, double stitch or programmes

-Storage and transmission of the programmes created via USB, SD card or multi-card reader to other machines

-QONDAC connection possible with new DACcompact control (Industry 4.0)

-Videos, tutorials etc. can be stored and played on the touch operating panel BDF P1.

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