New efficient work station Pfaff 3806 for heel seams: stretchability and robustness

In the manufacture of shoe uppers, the heel seam is of utmost importance and must be very strong because the heel of a shoe is constantly exposed to great stress. Rub-down seams can be sewn with lockstitch (straight or zigzag) or with two-thread chainstitch sewing machines. Chainstitch has one big advantage, the seam is elastic and flexible; no bursting of the heel seam at high pressure as it is possible with a lock stitch seam. On basis of chainstitch Pfaff Industrial have initiated a new sewing station Pfaff 3806, which economized considerably the key operation “heel seams” in the shoe industry.

A reinforced tape, impart greater durability to the seams and prevent fine leathers from being pulled out of shape. The Pfaff 3806 is equipped with two-thread chainstitch high-speed seamer with drop feed and variable top feed, high lift and adjustable top feed pressure. Sturdy sewing parts enable closing heel seams on shoes or boots made from heavier materials. Shift-free sewing of problem materials ensured by a favourable combination of feed mechanisms (top feed stroke can be set independently of the bottom feed stroke; in addition, the pressure of presser foot and vibrating presser can be varied separately). A consistently high quality of the sewn parts, largely independent of the operator’s skill can be ensured. The Pfaff 3806 realizes a highest Output of 2,000 pairs of shoes in 480 minutes, sewing an 8-cm-long curved heel seam. Two versions are available:

Pfaff 3806-12/22
For heel seams (front-, back- and side seams) on street shoes, slippers and bootlegs with heavy materials.
– Top-feed from the side of the needle
– Chain cutter
– Tape guide from above
– Arm space under the presser foot: 7 mm
– Stitch length: max. 3,5 mm

Pfaff 3806-12/23
For heel seams on real or imitated lambskin, slippers and other materials with medium materials
and particularly tight radius.
– Top-feed is in front and behind the needle
– Chain cutter
– Tape guide from below
– Arm space under the presser foot: 9 mm
– Stitch length: max. 4,5 mm

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