Etimed keeps on making progress towards responsible, ethical label production. The company has substantially expanded its range of eco-friendly products. These are manufactured mainly with recycled, organic and bio-degradable materials.The recently added line is also certified, guaranteeing compliance with environmental standards.

With this addition to the section of eco-friendly labels the company reflects environmental awareness increasingly shown by consumers as well, also echoing what the fashion sector is doing to be more eco-friendly and preserve our environment.
Every season, Etimed presents some 10 or 12 collections of labels faithfully reflecting the creativity and daring vision of the company’s designers. As a result of research and work on the part of these creators, the brand is always proposing ideas based on two fundamental principles: quality, and fashion.

In addition, client service advances in tune. One of the most relevant aspects is that labels can be customized, to match the style and brand image of clients.

An extensive variety of shapes and supports
In order to meet the needs and demands of its many clients, the company creates an extensive catalogue of materials, including paper, leather, synthetic and natural products. These may be embossed, stamped, plasticized, glued, etc. In so many possible shapes and supports.

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