No more returned orders due to wrong sizes
Medi^Shoes was born out of the personal experience of Montse Expósito, the inventor and creators of this revolutionary system for online footwear purchases.

The patented system has become one of the most relevant technology advances in the footwear sector. And the innovative foot-measuring system transformed online footwear sales.

“In technical terms, it is a mechanical app that will measure feet accurately, with a user interface. In practical terms, the system will accurately measure the size of the foot, transferring data to an app that will immediately show clients the right footwear for their size, foot shape, along with brands and styles”,
the creator explains.

The App helps consumers choose the shoes they like, and in just 3 seconds they can buy, easily and simply, knowing they have bought the right shoe size. The system makes it easy to buy with just a click, and eliminates returned orders due to wrong sizes.

The system also intends to complement traditional sales by retailers with online sales, offering added value in customer service.

“The goal is to help sales grow for all manufacturers and retailers, with a service that represents added value in both physical and online stores”,
says Montse Expósito.

Medi^Shoes integrates, complements, and dynamized traditional footwear store operations, with new technologies that will adapt and empower sales for all kinds of consumers, in a simple and efficient way.
The innovative technical solution, says the creator, has become a powerful sales tool that helps retailers know precisely what shoes consumers need, based on real facts. “100% consumer satisfaction”, says the creator of this system.

Medi^Shoes brings clients closer to the brand and product
The Medi^Shoes App offers traditional retailers the chance of being in close contact with clients, even though they are not physically present in the store, and offers information about new collections, season’s novelties, exclusive discounts and/or personalized opportunities to by the right shoes for every one of them.

This advanced system will also offer traditional stores the chance of competing with online sales platforms as it offers clients an added value for

“at the store, the multi-sensorial experience is never available through e-commerce and online sales”,
says Montse Expósito.

Montse Expósito also summarizes the positive facts about Medi^Shoes, “This technology brings innovation and without a doubt, it revolutionizes footwear sales at both the store and the online platform, so it is a promise for all those who want to see footwear sales grow stronger”. This new system adapts to new consumer habits, and helps traditional stores integrate new ways of selling.

Recent studies show that 75% of online consumers prefer to go to a traditional store first, to try shoes on, and later buy on line.
Montse Expósito explains that Medi^Shoes comes to offer a 100% solution to clients who want to try on shoes at a physical store, for it adds value as when consumers can measure their feet and the store keeps a record of data, as the retailer can personalize the app, so consumers can later buy the shoes from home, knowing that with just one click they’ll be buying exactly what’s right for them.

Medi^Shoes team
Montse Expósito defines the team working at Medi^Shoes: “A team of young and dynamic professionals in the technology sector, working with a passion for new things, seeking to make further improvements to great results. Every one of those involved in our project has put their heart and senses into Medi^Shoes. In fact, our team is the power to do things the right way.”

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