Innovation as its raison d’ être

Grupo Indaca was founded in 1960, and ever since then it has been a trailblazing manufacturer of lasts, heels and plastic components for footwear.In this global world, innovation is of the essence. Indaca applies collaborative robotics to automated production processes, with state-of-the-art axial robots to manufacture components. This formula contributes to quality and results in competitive products.

The company owns the first smart warehouse in Spain, with a capacity of over three thousand molds.

As a result of efforts in investment the group has improved both productivity volumes and technical training of staff members. Results are reflected in mold transportation and localization times.

Indaca believes clients are the originators of all decisions and progress, so technical consultation services are free, and always available.

The company’s know-how con tributes an extensive variety of basic components for footwear structure and end results. It is not just about manufacturing lasts, heels or injected soles. Every product is duly studied, designed, and adjusted. The goal is to enable clients to fully dedicate their time and efforts to the design and manufacture of shoes.

Grupo Indaca’s essential values include sustainability and respect for our environment. And in fact, the company collaborates with the most relevant German manufacturer in order to develop eco-friendly additives so that their joint work has resulted in a component added to materials, eliminating plastic waste. Because when in contact with our atmosphere, the component generates bacteria eliminating waste ten times faster than plastic usually employed.

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