Grupo Indaca was founded in 1960, and is the first complex in Spain – and one of the first in Europe – manufacturing plastic components for footwear. This group of companies is dedicated to offering clients comprehensive solutions. To this end, all manufacturing processes are carried out at their own facilities, so that enables them to offer a fast response, excellent quality, and highly competitive prices.

Technology has always been highly important to Grupo Indaca in terms of being extremely competitive in future global markets, and this is even more relevant today as manpower becomes more expensive, as does energy. Along these lines, the company embarked in a new project consisting of the purchase of industrial equipment modernizing the various phases in the production of lasts for footwear. This development has enabled Indaca Hormas – one of the companies in the group, producing lasts – to raise the bar in terms of production technologies, expanding its production capacity and improving the quality of products. Results have been very positive, and the company has made progress in the area of sustainable production, which has also meant it is more competitive.

Indaca Hormas has purchased the first set of New Lasts machines, Series SDF6 HS. The manufacturing system of lasts with numerical control will shape the last from the heel to the toe, so that it comes out finished, avoiding any further manual work with the corresponding possible human error.

This system, already used by major Italian last producers, positions Indaca Hormas as the only single last provider using this innovative technology in Spain, guaranteeing lasts 100% made by numerical control, eliminating fails, and in a speedy process.

Another one of the companies in the Group, Indaca Inyección, has also invested in smart industrial shelves to store 4,000 molds in a vertical position, showing the company has chosen the most modern industrial equipment. Smart shelves enable Indaca Inyección to get molds faster, optimizing space and the time it takes to find the right mold.


Indaca Hormas. Founded in 1972, this company is supported by a group of experienced professionals in this field. All this experience is used when producing and adjusting models, combining the latest 3D design technologies, digital scanning of lasts by frames and mechanising the production of samples or CNC machines production. Indaca is well known in Europe as a producer of high quality shoe lasts.

Indaca Inyección. The first company of the group, providing injection of plastic components including heels, platforms, blocks, tops, etc… Founded in 1960, Indaca S.A. pioneered in exploring the possibilities of using plastic materials for the production of shoe components. Today, its production involves more than 50 automatic injection machines, with several using bi-component technology.

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