Frente al Covid-19, digitalización del equipo de ventas

The pandemic caused by COVID 19 has set up a new scenario, forcing us all to adapt and lending a new dimension to B2B (business to business) channels. “Within the fashion and footwear sector, the usual method was having sales agents personally visit clients – retail stores – to show new styles every season. Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, agents are no longer able to visit stores, so the digital B2B platform has become indispensable. The B2B digital tool needs to be more visual, easier, intuitive and efficient for stores and clients to be able to view everything, including details in shoes they want to order. Today, B2B platforms need to be designed and planned as if we were selling to end consumers and work as an online store, intended for consumers”, explains Isidre Tort, Commercial Director at Intarex.

We also find a new perspective on purchases for every season, and a B2B sales tool can become a major ally for growth. Tort points out, “In the past, stores would always place big orders every season, to keep footwear in stock. But today, stores prefer smaller orders, with repeat orders as required. The B2B platform enables them to see what styles are most widely sold, and make decisions based on that”.

Intarex was founded in 1994, and today it is a company developing IT solutions, adapted to every clients’ requirements. The firm seeks to offer IT solutions to businesses that are growing by improving profitability, with new control levels for small and medium-sized businesses. Consistent with its commitment towards specialization and standardization, it has been working for 25 years, for leading companies in the fashion and footwear sector.

So much more than placing orders
The digital B2B platform is so much more than just a sales tool, for it goes beyond having clients place their orders. there is follow-up, stock level data, invoicing, etc. “Intarex is a company specializing in fashion, and in addition to ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) we have our own B2B and B2C (Business to Customer) platform. We can also integrate our software into any B2B and B2C platform by other suppliers. We are SAP partners, with a solid background of over 25 years in the sector, supported by client satisfaction”, the Commercial Director describes.

Tort ends our conversation by stating, “The B2C platform is an Internet store, open 24/7, 365 days a year. No physical store can do that. We at Intarex also insist on the relevance of integrating all sales channels: B2B, B2C, physical store, franchises, corners, outlets…. everything should be integrated into a single platform to make the most of every sales opportunity, regardless of its channel”.

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