Fabrics reflecting symbolism, history, and a positive outlook

The company presents 4 product lines: Home, Sport, Casual, and Baby

Cabanes y Ortuño presents a new line of fabrics for the 2020 autumn-winter season. The new products have been developed with an eye on circumstances of this year, a source of inspiration for the team of designers that used these ideas create patterns reflecting the symbolism behind shapes.

Cabanes y Ortuño has a large stockalways available to customers
The new catalogue by Cabanes y Ortuño comprises patterns promoting functionality, inclusion, and a positive outlook. As COVID-19 caused changes like remote work, flexibility and a growing number of freelancers, our homes are no longer places to which we come back to relax, but rather spaces where all possible activities in the family may converge. This is why functionality and design have merged, to show a new lifestyle that can combine comfort and reliability.

These principles are reflected in the 4 product lines: Home, Sport, Casual, and Baby. And this year, in order to lend strength and add value to the collection, the company has chosen to maintain those key colours of previous lines, though on this occasion they are combined so that, “We will no longer designate fabrics by colour. Our palette dares go one step beyond that. So gray will be the colour of winter but we want to break with standards to bring a modern, updated look to the classic shades. Fresh, mint green contributes softness and liveliness, as its shades stand out among other colours. And stone gray will lend a deep and magical touch to the palette of raw Nature”, we are told by company spokespersons.

Great response capacity and after-sales service of the company to the demands of the manufacturers
The philosophy underlying this innovating collection focusing on design and sustainable production is based on sublimation, one of the company’s strengths, as it uses eco-friendly inks and every detail in the pattern is clear and neat.

Cabanes y Ortuño is also well known for developing personalized projects thanks to the R+D+i policy of the company, creating unique patterns as required by clients.

Without a doubt, Cabanes y Ortuño’s background and history in the sector represent the expertise and know-how that enables this firm to continue to create and keep on growing.

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