Vapesol is a Portuguese company specializing in the production of injected soles. It was founded in 1998 and ever since then, it’s priority has been to invest in improved technology, working to innovate in products. Today, it produces 20,000 pairs of soles a day, in several materials: TPR, TPU, EVA and others, always respecting environmental regulations. In addition to the usual injected soles, the company also manufactures other types of soles, innovating and marketing them by eight wholly owned brands. The variety of products in the different collections, and the development of customized proyects are the result of the hard work and dedication of all teams working at Vapesol.

Company sources state, “we work every day with a focus on success and client satisfation because we at Vapesol believe there are no limitations to creativity”. In early 2018 the company launched EVA soles, to meet market needs. And today their production capacity for this type of product totals 2,000 pairs.

There is great need for EVA soles in markets, as they represent the perfect combination: light weight, flexibility, and comfort. Consistent with its ongoing innovation policy, Vapesol presents two types of EVA soles: VP LIGHT RUBBER and VP GRAVITY FREE.

VP LIGHT RUBBER soles in EVA, a material that makes a difference because it is so light, density only 0.5 g/cm3, and excellent flexibility. Composition includes over 20% of rubber and 1.2 expansion rate, so VP LIGHTRUBBER soles will resist abrasion, while their feel and look is very similar to rubber. VP LIGHT RUBBER soles guarantee maximum comfort due to properties like high shock absorption. The product contains the best of traditional EVA, EVA with 1.4 expansion rate, and natural rubber.

VP GRAVITY FREE soles are extremely light and flexible. They resist fluids, corrosion, and contribute to stopping chemical pollution. They are three times lighter than others, made from other materials sharing the same mechanical properties. VP GRAVITY FREE soles act as natural shock absorbtion barriers, protecting the feet and spine. This excellent shock absorption results in improved performance, guaranteeing maximum comfort, an indispensable requirement in all quality footwear.In addition to expansion rates in VP GRAVITY FREE (1.4) and VP LIGHT RUBBER (1.2), there is a larger number of possible solutions in EVA, with properties that adapt to clients’ needs. For soles and other, more technical, accessories, Vapesol can produce soles with 1.6 and 1.8 expansion rates.

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