Company Minerva Boskovice, member of Dürkopp Adler Group is traditional producer of industrial sewing machines. Company celebrates 140 years since its foundation this year. The company presents your newest machine class 878-M Premium with advanced functions, and other key products.

Single and double needle lockstitch post bed machines 878-M PREMIUM for stitching operations in the shoe production with integrated DA Direct Drive and programmable setting elements

■■ Capability of quick changing of roller presser and wheel feed speed in large steps (gathering function).

■■ Integrated direct drive with DAC Comfort including advanced Commander (OP8000) operating panel ensures optimum functionality.

■■ Programmable electronic thread tension for reproducible sewing results.

■■ Programmable stitch length adjustment by means of integrated step motor.

■■ Programmable sewing foot pressure and sewing foot lifting height by means of integrated step motor.

■■ Capability of sewing operation programming. Programs can be stored in control unit memory and transferred to other sewing machines.

■■ Machine-specific software with intuitive user interface for convenient administration of sewing parameters.

■■ Electronic needle positioning and moving to the start position of the next stitch by jog dial.

■■ Electronic knee switch with programmable function.

887-363522-M  Single needle flat bed sewing machine with vertical edge trimmer with integrated DA Direct Drive

  • Pneumatically switchable edge trimming knife
  • Air blower for thread tails from stitching area (optional)
  • Integrated 2nd stitch length and switchable thread tension
  • Electro-pneumatic seam back-tacking and presser foot lift



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