Keep celebrating its 75th anniversary while continuing to innovate: Smart ShopFloor MDA software

Smart ShopFloor: MDA is your cloud-based software application aiming to increase your production output through improving the overall production efficiency of your Desma Direct Injection Machine.

How does it work? 

Operation- and Machine-Data is read from your machine’s SPS, sent to a cloud-based data storage through the Desma Gateway and illustrated as per your needs. Through different devices you gain live-access to your machine data – anywhere and anytime! Different widgets illustrate your production’s Key-Performance-Indicators and allow you to compare current and historic values to identify bottlenecks and to improve your overall production efficiency.

Overall Production Efficiency? 

Yes! Based on data created when operating your machine, you can identify general production KPIs as well as your individual KPIs. The illustration (you may alter the given or even create individual widgets and dashboards) and comparison of these values (compare live and historic values) then enables you to derive corrective measures in order to achieve your production targets and to improve your overall production efficiency.

Data is the new gold

We feel that data is the new gold and that a profound data analysis is key to improve both the efficiency and the sustainability of the shoe production. The web-based “Smart Shopfloor” system is an innovation which collects all machine and operating data and stores it in a database which can be accessed via smartphone. This enables the shoe factory to obtain information about their order at any time and to view the ongoing production data online.

Three-quarters of a century for reference

This 2021 is the year of the firm’s platinum wedding, celebrating 75 years of solid artisan professionalism combined with a total vocation towards openness, innovation and desire for change. Desma is moving towards 100 years while continuing to supply efficient and economical production systems of the highest quality, reliably and quickly, to footwear manufacturers around the world.

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