ASC: Now, more than ever, focusing on their clients

Today’s context of un certainty does not inhibit this company from Alicante, but instead, it serves as a stimulus to work harder, to offer better collections and services to their clients. They firmly believe “we can revert the crisis by working all together”.

At ASC, its directors tell us initially about the materials that stand out in the new collection: “We are now working on many product lines, as the summer season approaches, and mostly on natural products, with natural fibres and not too many stridencies. Trends will be calmer, more sober, and influenced by the situation we are all going through”. Ranges are marked by navy patterns and stripes, mixing white with other colours, etc. Also, Eco-suede lines, launched two years ago, are gaining ground and acceptance. So there are more lines of product and varieties in terms of weight, details, finishes, etc. all in tune with the new season.

The company’s specialty, glitter, will bring lively, attractive products for this is a stable product range and a sort of “shelter” when uncertainties hit and consumers seek fashion, liveliness, and stridencies. So, this product is widely sold and all varieties show healthy sales levels that grow by the day. The star product in this range, because of the positive reaction and acceptance on the part of clients that have already seen the new collection, in “Glow in the Dark” glitter. Particles contained will “charge” when exposed to light, and glow in the dark. Recycled Glitter was presented a year ago, but remained dormant as the pandemic fell upon everyone shortly after. This like has been expanded, for during this past winter campaign more and more businesses in the sector chose to use it. ASC meets their requirements by proposing more colours, more product lines, and ranges.

The new catalogue is mostly shown in digital format. We are told “the winter campaign was when we started and empowered our work on the digital catalogue, mostly to reach foreign clients, who truly appreciated this. Social networks also play a major role in our company’s campaign, even though there was a stand-by period, but we’re back on Instagram and LinkedIn. Our campaign was widely accepted, and we are confident about social networks. We are now expecting the return of face-to-face trade fairs for the second half of the year, though we are also taking part in digital initiatives developing events in our sector. We will soon take part in the virtual/digital edition of Premiere Vision Paris, showcasing products on its Marketplace, with an active 6-month presence after the event”.

ASC, with more than three3 decades as a company, and known for its excellent customer service in terms of both orders, reliable delivery, and flexibility.

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