Celebrating their 40th anniversary, always creating and innovating 

Market needs are, without a doubt, directed towards recycling and sustainability. ASC is well aware of this trend, and continues to innovate in order to create products that contribute to environmental sustainability. “We are empowering the sustainable side of our star product, glitter. We launched it some seasons ago, but are now expanding the range of versions: fine, fantasy, lace glitter, etc. In addition, we are now able to transform most – about 80 to 90% – of our glitter products from past collections into recycled items”, they explain at ASC. This is not only a nice phrase, for the company boasts Inescop’s Vegan seal, and is about to become GRS-certified as well.

Located in Alicante, ASC continues to work and focuses on velvets, always a must and preferred during the winter season. Velvet is manufactured in various types and textures, with different effects: rust, worn, new patterns.

“Also, our technical line is one of our most powerful, and growing in importance, with nylon fabrics, cordura, double mesh. Within these lines, we are also working very hard on the recycled product line, with double mesh, classic mesh, all recycled”, our interviewee explains. “There was not too much to go some two or three years ago in terms of manufacturing these products, though now there are so many possibilities offering great quality-cost balance, so we can launch products at competitive prices”.

Four decades serving clients 

Back then, when American Supply Corporation was born in the United States, a French citizen who had connections to a footwear chain stores created the company to supply manufacturers with fashion, highly innovative materials. In the ‘60s, the company expanded and reached France, and soon it was also present and growing in Italy, Germany, Belgium, and Spain. In Spain, headquarters opened in 1981, and the director was D. José Antonio Castillo Díaz, the father of current directors. He later owned 100% of the capital assets and today, 40 years later, only the Spanish branch continues to operate. Once their father retires, ASC remained under the direction and management of his sons, Iago (Internal Direction, Production, Material Development), Susana (Managing) and José Antonio (Commercial Director). Over these four decades ASC has always been highly recognized for the quality of its products, and grew in several countries and continents, mostly in Asia where the company opened an office and showroom in the city of Guangzhou over three years ago. In Alicante, they recently opened a new finishing plant.

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