Textiles Bidber raises the bar once again in the competitive market of auxiliary supplies for the footwear and leather goods sector. Over a short period of time, the company – growing stronger and gaining ground – has been able to improve and advance due to a number of solid pillars such as the expertise and professional knowledge of those running the business, their qualified staff, quality products and efficient service, transparency when marketing products, and excellent customer service. All of this builds loyalty among clients.

Innovation and respect for our environment, the company’s ID
Both innovation resulting from investing in R+D+I, and the position of commitment towards our environment, have led the company to create the Soyco brand, marketing sustainable and ecologic products. The brand was born with the purpose of meeting clients’ needs in accordance with new trends, while improving the competitiveness of products in the various markets where the company operates.

On the other hand, Textiles Bidber continues to offer clients a number of natural products – linen, cotton, wool, recycled – and also basic products or those processed with digital print patterns, transfers, laser, embroidery, laminates and other, new techniques added.

The company is also a referent in terms of fabrics for vulcanizing, and footwear.

Personalization of products is a service Tejidos Bidber offers to clients seeking exclusive patterns (print design, embroidery, drawing….) and it is highly appreciated.

The goals set by Textiles Bidber are growth and innovation, a foundation that enables the company to offer clients quality products and an extensive variety of choices, at competitive prices.

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